Sunday, September 30, 2007

Local and Organic

A few people enjoyed picking their own raspberries today at the farm. There is something about the act of picking, and bringing your edible work home that is quite rewarding. Plus it just makes so much sense to get raspberries right here, near where you live versus buying a pint in a supermarket that came from Watsonville, California.

The raspberries here are just delicious, and the whole experience even sweeter. And remember, Blue Heron raspberries are organic!


tammy said...

Looks good to me. We'll stop by later in the week!

Shimboon (Kit) Yoon said...

Great! We are open on Thurs-Sun from 9-6 at the farm where you can pick your own raspberries. We are also at two farmers' markets during the week. Please come visit!